8 - 17 October 2021
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When ‘Having It All’ Means Doing It All

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Work hard, but don’t stay in the office too late. Be present with your children, but don’t smother. Keep your household running like clockwork, but don’t slip into outdated gender roles or be a nag. And don’t forget to take some time for yourself! Cathy Rentzenbrink talks to the writers of two novels that tackle the contradictions of contemporary motherhood with scalpel-sharp precision and dark humour. Chandler Baker’s The Husbands envisions a gender-swapped Stepford Wives style community; Emily Itami’s Tokyo-set Fault Lines follows a protagonist taking ‘one last scream’ before settling into her domestic life.

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When ‘Having It All’ Means Doing It All

Add to your calendar 10/25/2021 2:53 pm Europe/London When ‘Having It All’ Means Doing It All | Cheltenham Literature Festival Part of Cheltenham Literature Festival - https://literature.cheltenhamfestivals.online/events/when-having-it-all-means-doing-it-all/ Online 15

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