8 - 17 October 2021
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The Disconnect: Identity In The Internet Age

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We all live online now: the line between the internet and real life has become blurred, and the way that we construct our sense of self has reconfigured our relationships and behaviour. In The Disconnect, from dating apps to social media, Roisin Kiberd weaves her personal experience working in tech with a curious and considered guide through the algorithm-driven world of our digital existence. Lauren Oyler’s novel Fake Accounts examines the ambiguities of identity and authenticity, beginning when a young woman discovers her boyfriend has a secret life as an online conspiracy theorist. They join Manveen Rana to consider identity in the age of the internet, and to explore what we have gained, what we have lost, and what we have given away willingly in exchange for this connected life.

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The Disconnect: Identity In The Internet Age

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