8 - 17 October 2021
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Power, Status And How We Use It

At work and in our personal lives, hierarchy exists in almost every interaction we have, driven by an unconscious obsession that provokes the best and worst in us: status. How does this preoccupation with power shape how we behave in a group, and how does this impact our personal and professional relationships? By understanding the hidden forces at play, can we become better leaders, better listeners, better friends? Businessman and former US Ambassador Matthew Barzun (The Power of Giving Away Power) shares the lessons we can learn from some of the most innovative leaders in recent history, introducing the ‘constellation mindset’ as the future of leadership. Writer Will Storr (The Status Game) shares the psychology behind the forces at play when it comes to power and status that will change how you see others – and how you see yourself. Chaired by Georgina Godwin.

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Power, Status And How We Use It

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